Design and manufacture of solar trackers adaptable to customer needs and orography, optimizing the capture of solar energy and productivity.

  • 1-axis solar tracker

  • Simple assembly between already welded elements

  • Possibility to monitor and control different variables on request

  • Terrain adaptability

  • Direct driving

  • Arrangement of modules both vertically and horizontally

  • High strength steel 

  • Protection against corrosion

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Manufacturing guarantee up to 25 years



Discover the new solar tracker designed to optimize maximum energy collection


  • Patented solar tracker system with a double tilt on the solar capture surface.
  • The energy absorbed by panels is maximized at certain times of the day, mainly early and late hours of the day, depending on the solar path.
  • Optimized and patented design with an extra slope of 7.5º.
  • High durability and robustness.
  • Up to 7% -10% increase in productivity and profit compared to standard systems on the market.